Limoncol fabrica y envasa sobres monodosis, toallitas y geles

Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Wet Wipes and Single-use satchets

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Limoncol, manufacturers and wholesalers since 1960

With a long history

We have been manufacturing and distributing baby wipes and other hygiene products since 1960. We offer cosmetic products in sachets or impregnated supports, such as refreshing scented wipes, cleansing wipes, hydroalcoholic gels and personal care products.


We are a close and flexible company with a specialized technical team that adapts to each client, offering quality products and personalized service.


We give different format options, so you can find the one that best suits your needs. Choose between liquid, semi-liquid and pasty products. Not only can we offer you our own products, we are also packagers for third parties.

Our Mission

is to enable access to hygiene, cleaning and personal care in a comfortable and practical format and in any place and situation.


We adapt our products with your brand image or logo.


We design and manufacture our own products, get to know us.

Third party

We pack your product in our facilities.

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    simbolo toallitas

    Our hand wipes

    We have a wide range of wet wipes for hand cleaning. Our wipes are ideal for both hand hygiene and odor removal, as well as caring for delicate skin.

    Our individual refreshing wipes are especially indicated for hotels and restaurants. They can be offered as a gift to your customers in restaurants, hotels, take away establishments, bars and taverns or food trucks, either by hand or in their home orders.

    Our wipes are biodegradable and available in various scents: lemon, aloe vera, refreshing scent, melon or any other on demand.

    This product can be customized with your logo or brand image, contact us without obligation.

    simbolo toallitas desinfectantes

    Our disinfectant wipes

    Hygiene products have become part of the essentials for any business. At Limoncol we have different types of wipes for hand hygiene and surface cleaning. They contain 70% alcohol and are ideal for hand and skin care.

    simbolo geles hidroalcoholicos

    Our hydroalcoholic gels

    Indicated to achieve adequate hand hygiene, our hydroalcoholic gels have an alcohol composition of 70%. They are suitable for use in the absence of soap and water, do not require rinsing and evaporate very quickly.

    They are ideal for places with a high number of people, restaurants, hotels, work centers, logistics, transportation, doctors and public institutions, among others.

    We have several presentation formats such as single-dose sachets of hydroalcoholic gel and bottles of different capacities.

    This product can be customized with your logo or brand image, contact us without obligation.