Screen Cleaning Wipes

Suppliers and sale of wipes to clean screens

The individual screen cleaning wipes are a fantastic detail to offer your customers and are suitable for mobile screens, tablets, television and PC and laptop monitors. Limoncol cleaning wipes are made in Spain and all the raw materials are purchased from Spanish and European suppliers.


Wet wipes for cleaning screens

Our cellulose wipes are impregnated with a cleaning solution for screens suitable for both mobile, tablet, computer or television screens, as well as camera lenses, binoculars and optical devices. You can clean the screen of your mobile and your computer equipment or GPS navigation systems. These moist screen cleaning wipes leave no residue and do not require rinsing.

Product details:

  • Screen Cleaner Wipes in individual sachets. Available in boxes of 500 units. (unit of sale: packaging of 4 x 500 units)
  • Size of each individual envelope: 6 x 8 cm.
  • Inner cellulose towel: 16 x 14 cm.
  • Made in Spain.

Customized screen cleaning wipes

At Limoncol we manufacture your fully customized screen cleaning wipes, both the screen cleaner with which it is impregnated and the size and design of the envelope, as well as the type and size of the wipe. Ask us for complete information on all the options, we will offer you the advice you need.

The personalized wet wipes for cleaning TV screens are perfect to accompany your electronic devices or to use as promotional material for your business and to offer as a gift to your customers in technology establishments, household appliances and telephony or to offer at events or any business related to customer service.

Product details:

  • Screen Cleaning Wipes in individual sachets. Available in bulk boxes; additionally, they can be arranged in personalized cases, contact us.
  • Size of each individual envelope: customizable.
  • Type of inner wipe: customizable.
  • Size of the inner wipe: customizable.
  • Made in Spain.

Packaging of screen cleaning wipes for your company

In addition to having our own line of screen cleaning wipes, we pack your cleaning liquid in the individual format you want, adapting the size and material of the sachet, printing your brand image and the size and materials of the wipe..

We also pack your screen cleaning solution in cans, bottles and jugs from 40 to 5000ml.

Request a quote for our packaging from third parties.

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