Limoncol, wet wipes and single-dose sachets made in Spain

Limoncol, fabricantes de toallitas perfumadas desde 1960

We are manufacturers

Limoncol was the first company to manufacture single-dose scented wipes in Spain. In business since 1960, we are the third generation of a family business. Our activity is the manufacture and distribution of wet wipes, sachets and single-dose sachets as well as cosmetic, cleaning and hygiene products in different formats.

Among our range of products, individual wipes and single-dose sachets stand out. In our catalog you will find a wide variety of refreshing wipes with lemon and other aromas, cleaning wipes, hydroalcoholic products for hand hygiene as well as our range for personal care.

We are a close and flexible company that adapts to the needs of each client, we put all our affection and effort applying the knowledge acquired over a long Decades of professional experience, incorporating the news and innovations and always advising clients to offer them the best solution to their needs.

We have managed to be a company of recognized prestige within the sector and we work every day to maintain our position, improve and grow as a company. Our success is that of our clients.


Our Mission

is to facilitate access to hygiene, cleanliness and personal care in a comfortable and practical format, anywhere and in any situation.

Our values

The highest quality in our products

Through the selection of excellent raw materials and monitoring of production and manufacturing. We take care of the entire process from product design to its placing on the market in detail.

Provide great service

Personalized attention and treatment that demonstrates our commitment to our clients and collaborators.

Agility, quickness, ethics and transparency

We develop our business activity under the codes of equity, professionalism and integrity.

Environmental commitment

Through the selection of sustainable raw materials, minimizing the impact of energy consumption with the use of energy from 100% renewable sources, reducing waste generation and incorporating biodegradable products in our catalogue.

Limoncol, fabricantes con las certificaciones ISO

Quality Policy

We manufacture our products in Spain, complying with current legislation for the activities of manufacturing, packaging, labeling and storage of cosmetic products, under the Authorization issued by the Spanish Medicines Agency and Sanitary Products of the Ministry of Health with number: 11660CS and according to the Responsible Declaration of activities.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers through the excellent quality of our products and our personalized service. The quality and personalized attention set us apart.

As a result of our commitment to quality, we have Certificates according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 22716:2007 Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products for design, manufacturing, packaging , marketing of cosmetic, cleaning and hygiene products.

Quality Certificates and Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics

Ethics & Code of Conduct

The main values of Limoncol are integrity, honesty and fairness. Our code of ethics and business conduct is present in all the activities of the company. This is the way in which all the workers maintain our ethical commitment:

icono codigo de conducta y seguimiento de la legislacion

To comply strictly with the laws in force in the national territory.

icono codigo de conducta y equidad

Practice fairness and courtesy in relationships among colleagues.

icono codigo de conducta y respeto

Respect the interests of each party: clients, consumers, institutions and authorities.

icono profesionalidad

Fulfill their role with professionalism and integrity.

icono codigo de conducta y derechos

Respect and comply with the social and labor rights of the personnel working at Limoncol.

icono codigo de conducta y comunicacion

Communicate these ethical principles and the Code of Conduct to the staff so that it is applied and fulfilled in all its terms by any Limoncol worker.

History of Limoncol

If you want to know more about us, here is our story.


Limoncol began its journey with the inauguration of a small manufacturing facility in the central Madrid street of Concepción Jerónima. The brothers José and Gerardo Liceras bring a revolutionary idea from Germany for the manufacture of Scented Napkins in individual sachets for cleaning hands, initially oriented towards the hospitality industry to replace the old system of hand washing with water and lemon. From the cutting of the paper to the impregnated and packaging of the wipes, all the processes were done manually.

In 1965 the brand "Limoncol" was registered, devised from the words "Limón" and "Colonia".

icono mecanización de Limoncol de los procesos industriales para la fabricación de toallitas
icono mecanización de Limoncol de los procesos industriales para la fabricación de toallitas

Little by little, the processes are being mechanized. Over the years, Limoncol specializes in lemon and lavender cologne wipes for use in hotels and restaurants; and at the end of the 1980s, the first packaging machine was acquired with which all parts of the process (cutting the paper, impregnating the wipe, conditioning...) are now completely automated.


In the following decade, in the 1990s, and with Ana Mª Romaniega at the helm, new products began to be introduced, such as stain-removing wipes and glasses cleaner, while some changes of headquarters took place to adapt to changing times.

The motto "Hygiene in your hands" is created.

icono de los inicios de limoncol como fabricantes de toallitas
icono del relevo generacional en Limoncol

In the 2000s, a generational change took place with which Limoncol made a great change. Already in the hands of Mª Asunción and Gerardo Liceras Romaniega, new machinery is incorporated to offer various formats and materials, as well as expanding the business lines not only to the sale of their own and personalized products, but also to the packaging of cosmetic products for third parties. Other product lines are consolidated, such as those oriented towards personal care and hygiene.


With the aim of adapting to the new needs and production volumes, the transfer to a larger Industrial Warehouse with greater storage capacity and a large manufacturing area is produced.

icono de Limoncol, elevada capacidad de producción en amplias instalaciones
icono de Limoncol como actor clave durante la pandemia y donó decenas de miles de productos hidroalcoholicos en la época de mayor escasez

The year 2020 was a turning point in Limoncol's history. The global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 highlighted the importance of proper hand hygiene, making cleaning and disinfection essential. The use of disinfectant wipes and other hydroalcoholic products were essential in preventing contagion, being incorporated at multiple times and daily activities, increasing the demand for this type of product. To respond to market needs, we expanded Limoncol's staff and incorporated new machinery to meet the needs of all customers.

In the toughest moments of the pandemic in which the shortage of hydroalcoholic products could put people's safety at risk, Limoncol made donations of hydroalcoholic wipes and gels through its online store, as well as through different charities such as Mensajeros de La Paz, Cultural Associations, Food Bank, highlighting the values of ethics and equity that throughout our history have characterized us.

Today, Limoncol has positioned itself as a brand and leading company in Spain in the manufacture of wet wipes, consolidating its presence in the hospitality, industrial hygiene, personal hygiene, transportation, promotional gift and marketing, and expanding the presence in the consumer, perfume and personal care sector.