Individual stain remover wipes

Suppliers and sale of stain remover wipes

Stain removal wipes are a great detail to offer your customers. They are ideal for removing those inopportune spot stains that occur at any time and especially during meals. Limoncol cleaning wipes are made in Spain and all the raw materials are purchased from Spanish and European suppliers.

Stain remover wipes

The stain remover wipes for clothes are impregnated with a special formulation for cleaning stains on fabrics. Being individual, they are very useful to offer as a detail to your customers at a competitive price. They are usually offered in hotel or catering establishments, recreational farms, wineries, gastronomic events or business centers, adding a plus to your hospitality policy with clients and preventing an unexpected stain during the event from ruining the rest of the day.

Product details:

  • Stain remover wipes in individual sachets. Available in packages with 10 cases of 200 units.
  • Size of each individual envelope: 6 x 8 cm.
  • Inner towel made of non-woven fabric: 16 x 14 cm.
  • Made in Spain.

Personalized stain remover wipes

At Limoncol we can make your individual stain remover wipes completely personalized, we can use the cleaner or stain remover with which it is impregnated, the size and design of the envelope, and also the type and size of the wipe. Ask us for complete information on all the options, we will offer you the advice you need.

The personalized stain remover wipes for clothes are perfect to use as promotional material for your business and to offer as a gift to your clients in restaurants, hotels, recreational farms, caterings, airlines, gas stations, bingo halls, or to offer at events or any business where the client can get dirty.

Product details:

  • Stain remover wipes in individual sachets. Available in bulk boxes; additionally, they can be arranged in personalized cases, contact us.
  • Size of each individual envelope: customizable.
  • Type of inner wipe: customizable.
  • Size of the inner wipe: customizable.
  • Made in Spain.

Packaging of stain remover wipes for your company

In addition to having our own line of stain-removing wipes, we pack your stain-removing product in the individual format you want, adapting the size and material of the sachet, printing your brand image and the size and wipe materials.

We also pack your solution in cans, bottles and jugs from 40 to 5000ml.

This type of packaging is especially common for the packaging of samples, or the packaging of an own cleaning and anti-stain line.

Request a quote for our packaging from third parties.

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