Hydroalcoholic Solution

Suppliers and sale of hydroalcoholic solution for hands

At Limoncol we have specialized machinery for packaging cosmetic products and biocides in bottles, such as hydroalcoholic solution for hands. We can offer small and large formats, as well as different dosing options. We also have solutions of different types and aromas, consult our catalog or write to us to obtain your personalized budget.

This product has become an essential element for any place with an influx of people, workplaces, transport, etc., providing users with adequate hand hygiene.

Hydroalcoholic solution for hands

Ideal sprays to be used in the absence of soap and water. Specially designed for hand cleaning without rinsing. They contain the optimal amount of alcohol for proper cleaning and disinfection of the skin, ensuring adequate hand hygiene.

Available in different aromas: neutral, aloe vera, lemon or melon, as well as various sizes, either for use on the table or for carrying in your bag, pocket , backpack, briefcase or keep in the desk drawer.

The spray hand sanitizer gel is dermatologically tested and contains the optimal percentage of sanitizing alcohol for proper hand disinfection. In addition, it is also suitable for disinfection of surfaces.

In general and in accordance with the guidelines published by the WHO, alcohol solutions containing between 60 and 80% have microbicidal activity, and it is established that optimal efficacy is achieved from 70% alcohol.

Packaging features:

  • Transparent PET bottle
  • Height: according to format.
  • Diameter of the base: according to format.
  • Weight: according to format.

Custom hydroalcoholic solution

The bottles of hydroalcoholic solution that we manufacture can be customized to your liking, both the aroma of the liquid and the format of the bottle or the type of dispenser. The label can also be designed with your logo or brand image. Ask us without obligation about the available options.

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